What? : Bakery, caterer, grocery store and wine cellar
Where? : 9 cours Jean-Ballard 13001 Marseille
When? : Tuesday > Saturday from 8:30 to 19:00
How Much? : Whole bread €9.50 per kg / Expresso €2 / Vegetarian dish of the day €10 / Meat dish of the day €13
More informations? : 06 80 30 50 87
A link? : Click-here

Bonjour is the new place that wakes up our foggy mornings, soothes and delights our rushed lunches and energises our snacks. A caterer who is a restaurant, a bakery, a grocery store and a wine cellar, all run by the teams from La Fabriquerie in Endoume and Bonnes Graines in Bonneveine.

By Valérie Vangreveninge / Photo by VV, BonJour and Caroline Dutrey