Allergic to tablets, nostalgic of the smell of a book freshly out of the press, lovers of old books and beautiful papers, rest assured! There is still a cure that works very well to escape a heavy daily life: a good book. The one whose pages need to be caressed, that we horn before falling asleep, whose pages are being scribbled in order not to forget, and that we sometimes hesitates to lend because of the fear of never seeing it again. General or foreign literature, graphic arts, youth, travel, here is a small selection of our favorite addresses to read smartly.


The smell of pages

In this den of letters, the perfume of ancient books mingles with the smell of ink from recent works and invites you on a journey that will involve all your senses (“L’Odeur du Temps” translates as “the smell of time”!).


The book we offer

The bookseller who reads his books is precious. The one who guesses those we love is rare. If in addition, he selects subtle gift ideas, say no more…


Slow reading…

Open your eyes – you are not in an ordinary bookstore! With a selection of cutting edge contemporary novels, a gallery, youth space and coffee; here we’ll take our time!


The books’ cavern

Where can I get a Provencal recipe book, a finance report and the latest bestseller? In this almost a century-old bookshop of course because Maupetit has become very big.


To feed our imaginary

Are you an avid reader? Welcome to Pantagruel, Endoume district’s bookshop, which associates books with pleasure, and makes learning joyful.