To invent a character, to find an out-of-the-ordinary style, to revive a garment, to customize it, to flee the fast-fashion, many are the reasons to push the doors of these more and more original thrift shops. We have selected some of them in Marseilles, from the pioneers to the most recent ones, which all have their particularities. Click and visit :-)

Sepia Swing Club

The thrift shops dolce vita’s

Marion carefully chooses clothes that tell a story. In the windows of her small shop, and in her photos, she puts them into scenes to share with us real or fantasised universes.

Maison Mère

Street credibility

If you are looking for authentic and cult items, you have come to the right door on the Rue de la République. 200m2 of happiness for lovers of vintage & street style.

Out of Space

Fashion to reinvent

A “bazar” out of old magazines, oddities on the shelves and a time machine. Happiness is a thrift shop called Out Of Space.

Lilou Vintage

Lilou does whatever she wants

Egeria 50’s from MadMen, twinkling Bo Derek in a glossy dress, elegant Miss Coco, or glamorous Pin Up in bikini, this vintage shop and “second hand” is for made for you. Plunge your look into the Retro selection of the spyder Lilou…

Marcel et Simone

The impeccable style

The clothes do not make the monk, but defines the young hipster. In this small thrift store selections impeccable, he will heal her appearance.

Space Connection

To infinity and beyond

As its name suggests, this shop makes you land on another planet on which fashion runs away from globalization and standardization.

La Coquette

For today’s elegance

This secondhand store for children now plays in the big league by proposing a dedicated space for women clothing and well-being in a retro cocoon.