In Marseilles, florists aren't legion but they work with passion. "Say it with flowers" they say, especially if you have a hard time expressing your feelings. Flowers will be much more effective than any banalities to express your friendship, gratitude, love, passion (scratch the useless mentions). They will also decorate and perfume an interior in the most beautiful way. To choose the most beautiful composition, no approximation. Let's go to the bosses of the bouquet, the dealers of scents and the queens of the stripping.


Exotism in a bouquet

You were never in the habit of offering flowers, let alone exotic plants! Nevertheless, with these creative bouquets you are at your sweetness threshold; there is a first time for everything!


Far from being tacky…

On the heights of Rue Breteuil, Palais de la Rose sits. Here, a simple bouquet of roses becomes a masterpiece worthy of the greatest with the owner’s imagination with singing accent.


The land of scents

Say it with flowers? Okay, but what if we changed our vocabulary ? Let’s meet at the “Quai aux Fleurs” (the Quay of Flowers) for a trip to the land of scents.


Flowers poesy

There are florists who sell flowers, then there are those who create a whole dreamlike wonderland. The family who have breathed new life into this place have managed to do just that.