What? : The Best Sneakers Shops
Where? : Marseille Franc e

It's been a long time since they came out of the sports fields to survey the ground. Key element and often iconic of the street culture, sneakers are now part of the most casual silhouettes when they're not climbing the podiums of the creators. Collectors, vintage or trending, discover a selection of the best spots in Marseilles to feel good in our sneakers.

Corner Street

Street credibility

In Marseilles, speakers fanatics have their own spot. A corner street which became over time a reference in limited edition sneakers and running shoes.


Hipster welcome

The sneaker has escaped from the sports fields to become a major accessory of urban fashion. It sits prominently in this streetwear’s temple.

L’Atelier de la Basket

Make your sneakers last

Your sneakers also deserve a quick refresh. In this workshop your sneakers can be cleaned and restored to their former glory.

Sneakers Specialist

For very dynamics frames

Because life is fast paced, a temple for sneakers has just opened in the heart of the Docks Village for truly dynamic executives.

Size ?

Size matters !

The English giant of sneakers has came to settle on the busiest street in Marseille. We can now find a wide choice of sneakers and streetwear including exclusives developed with the leaders of the sector. Who said that size doesn’t matter?