Since a few years, we have seen in the streets of Marseille new areas of artistic expression flourish. Places of exhibitions, creations and sometimes residence but especially places of life. So many springboards for young creators and a fresh wind in the culture of flying ideas. Here's a small and non-exhaustive selection of our favorite spots to cultivate ourselves without getting bored.

Artcan Gallery

When graffiti becomes kinetic art

Immaculate white walls and a large glass roof bathe the space in a magnificent zenith of light. What better than this old neighborhood printers to let the colours of the cream from the urban art scene of yesterday and today explode?

Double V

The emerging face of art

“Young creation” means everything and nothing. Who cares since its new art space does not aim to explain us life. It’s up to you to bet on the talents of tomorrow.


The finest of urban art

This young gallery reveals the backstage of the artistic scene. The emerging graphic arts are in the spotlight and are being highlighted in the most beautiful way.


As blue as Marseilles

Small space of two rooms only but big ambitions for this gallery dedicated to the image in all of its forms which makes us say : « Small is beautiful ! »


Cabinet of curiosities

Combining a café and a boutique with its exhibition space, the POC gallery opens access to contemporary creations and illustrates the art of entertaining.

Atelier 72

Graphic arts are in the spotlight

The Marseille FRAC embodies a brilliant generation of buildings providing new space and tools for promoting contemporary art in the region scale.

Fermé Le Lundi

Images not so clichés

In these two rooms, four artists in search of space share their approach to photography through exhibitions, meetings and courses. This is a place that wants to snap new images of the region.


Strong impressions

The Atelier Tchikebe has made a name for itself in the world of the printed arts. The opening of their gallery-boutique in the heart of the Chevalier Roze contemporary art centre allows the general public to discover their famous silkscreen prints as well as those of other publishing houses.