Cheese is undoubtedly what best defines the France's richness with more than 2000 references, from small producers to big cellars. Its lovers enjoy the reappearance, in the neighborhoods of Marseilles, of passionate cheesemakers who will make you feel all the smells. In a sandwich, raclette, fondue? Nature or cooked? Sliced ​​or grated? At breakfast or dinner? Discover our selection of neighborhood cheesemakers.


The encyclopedia of the foretons

But where thus passed the cheese makers of former days? Just a step from La Plaine area, a cheese dairy answers “present” and is determined to remain at the top in its new outfits.


Back in the terroir

At Lucienne, it is Alban that you will meet. Rest assured, he won’t fool the palate of the cheese lovers. Another address where farm products beat junk food.


Seducing cheeses

Its fancy shopfront and its appetising products deceive everyone. Kalou is indeed a cheese shop, one of those that tickles your tongue with a large selection of homemade cheese.


Tradition required!

The love of good products, smells and tastes of the land is transmitted here from father to son for ages. Cautious, this can be an dangerous addiction…


Plenty of choices!

With the birth of this little paradise for cheese, the Vauban neighborhood now looks like a village for gourmets with its fine food shops.