"Move?" he says. "Dance!" she answers. No matter the decor as long as we have the bass drunkenness of the bass, the pleasure of the mix and the body fever. From the musical bar to the sexy dancing, from the concert hall to the gallery, to the uncompromising club and the den of the revelers, here's a tour of the spots of Marseille that bring us joy. Come on and shake your booty baby!

La Dame Noir dancing @ The Trolleybus

The naughtiest

Mother ship of Marseilles clubbing for the last 20 years, the Trolleybus and its 3 rooms is the all-in-one destination for a night out at the Vieux Port.

La Voûte Virgo (V/V)

The artsiest 

One can imagine many thing behind enigmatic acronym V/V, as the promise to make us dream about one thousand one evenings.

La Dame du Mont

The most mystic

The Lady of the Mount is back in service in its new livery. You can pray to the gods of music over a beer or an house cocktail..

Baby Club

The angriest

Agitated dance floor, breathable smoking room, careful programming and modern decoration, this establishment is an alternative of choice to the dancings of La Plaine.


The grooviest

This night venue mingles live music, creative tapas and good sélection of whiskies will please a lot night owls.

Le Chapiteau

The most open

Le Chapiteau has set itself up creating a real joyful recreational area: non-stop farniente (laziness!), brunch, apéros, leisure and music are on the programme. Let the good times roll at the end of the week!