The coffee also called petit noir or l'espress' (in Marseilles) is a ritual that is difficult to do without. Taking it on the zinc before starting off the day or sitting on the terrace reading the daily newspaper, it's the essential amenity of a break or an appointment. Here's a selection of good addresses to have a coffee at any time of the day.


For a sweet break

A coffee shop in the pure Anglo-Saxon tradition has just grown since a few months on the pavement from Marseille. With caffe latte and exotic salads, the relaxation is at the end of the street.


For an appointment

Black is black, but there are plenty of hope and life in this Italian caffè at the gates of the Noailles neighborhood. The ideal meeting spot… around a black espresso of course!


Before the market

Marseille has a small number of historic shops. Among them, the Café Prinder, which brings joy to the Capuchin market since 1925.


While reading the newspaper

An authentic period brasserie in the historic banking district where people fl ock to read the daily press. Open an account at the Café de la Banque!


On the go

What? You’ve never tasted a real coffee? Never too late! Visit the little shop this historic roasting … standing for a tasting course.


To chill

At Deep, French-American DJ Tony puts the needle on our saucers, serving coffee roasted by him and a rotation of café compatriots to a soundtrack of choice vinyl. Specialty coffee and a laid back vibe are always on this NY/LA-style coffee shop’s playlist.