Every summer it's the same refrain - "so, where do we meet tonight?" In the city centre, above the port, feet in the sand, by the sea, or in nature? A safe bet or a new spot to discover? To dance, to eat, or to rethink the world? So we have put together our little list of first-class outdoor drinks and aperos that will answer all your questions. Raise a glass to your health and happiness!


What better breath of fresh air than breathing at an altitude of 139m in Marseille? With its terrace at the foot of the Bonne Mère, a panoramic view of the city and the sea, the French Cuisine food truck offers one of the best contemplative spots of the summer. No music but you will be amazed at sunset.

> 7/7 from 4.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. / At the foot of Notre Dame de la Garde

THE MOST HIDDEN / Les Jardins Borély

The Les Jardins Suspendu collective organizes events throughout the summer as part of its new season called “Odyssey 2022” in historic and iconic places in Marseille (Le Cloître, Baou, Château d’if). No wonder he stops once a week in the magnificent courtyard of Café Borély, between ancient colonnades and fig trees. Around the pool, you can sip delicious cocktails and tapas before dancing under the stars on the patio to the sounds of the best DJs.

Thursday or Friday (check calendar) / Café Borély 134 av. Clot Bey 13008 Marseille


We no longer need to introduce the Borderline team and its captain Christian Mellon, who have been hosting your summers for more than ten years now with new places each year. In addition to its boat and its guinguette above the water (the islet), Borderline now invites you to dance facing the sea on the beach of Les sablettes with its weekly “Disco Plage” evenings. Dj’s or live band, small dishes at the brazier and devilishly sexy cocktails, summer will be hot in t-shirts and swimsuits!

> Every Thursday from 7 p.m. to midnight / Sablettes Beach (Escale Borély)


We resolved to discuss the world’s problems, but in the end it was just a nice boozy evening at l’Abri. It’s normal, because here at this bar and restaurant the good times flow. Forget about those all-purpose tapas bars, you will go the extra mile here because it’s so good!

> Tuesday to Saturday from 18:30 to midnight

THE MOST MAGICAL / L’îlot de la Corniche

“It’s a rock! No, it’s a peak! What am I saying, is it a cape? Or is it a peninsula?” a famous character might have exclaimed at the sight of this festive promontory nestled under the Corniche. Undoubtedly the most beautiful panorama over the harbour of Marseille and its islands. A plancha for snacks, a bar well stocked with wines and cocktails, and some fine music to accompany memorable sunsets.

> 22 June to 30 September / every day as the weather allows / 18:00 – 22:00
Reservation by SMS or 06 24 51 14 38 for tables of more the 6 people.

THE MOST RELAXING / Le Cabanon de Paulette

Paulette has put a bit on the hips over the years but we’ll admit that it’s still a total thrill to contemplate the sunset after a swim while enjoying a fresh rosé and some tapas on a beach mat, right?

> Everyday from 18:00

THE MOST AQUATIC / Deep Blu au Radisson Vieux-Port

THE MOST AQUATIC / Deep Blu evening at the Radisson Vieux-Port Already ten years for the Deep Blu evenings on Le Rooftop of the Radisson Blu Hotel Marseille. Opposite the Palais du Pharo and the Old Port, these pool parties open to all will shower you with electronic and aquatic beats welcome during torrid evenings. > Every Thursday / Limited capacity – Admission €10

> Every Thursday / Limited capacity – Admission €10

THE MOST WEST COAST / La Cabane des Amis

With its blue wooden chalet facing a large beach and the sea just in front you’ll almost think you are on the west coast of France, were it not for the desperately flat sea of course 😉 On the deckchairs, tables, bar tables, terraces or mats, we meet friends from lunch until sunset accompanied by good sounds and delicious small dishes.

> Every day of the summer / Plage du Roucas Blanc / opposite 67 Promenade Georges Pompidou – 13008 Marseille

THE MOST ARTY / Le Couvent Levat

Whilst the fate of the Levat Convent is not yet sealed – although it is secretly hoped that it can continue its artistic and festive missions – we can now add to their original program between residents and guest artists. In an unexpected country setting in the heart of the Belle de Mai you can frolic in music and you will understand why we love hanging out there so much; especially in the evening.

> Wednesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 23:00 / Free entry (€2 membership) / 52 Rue Levat 13003 Marseille 

THE MOST SOCIAL / The Café de l’Abbaye

With the street and sidewalks as a terrace, the Café de l’Abbaye has become the best social club in town. You can land there every day of the week and be sure to come across a familiar face. For visitors, it is also a good way to take the pulse of the city with a pastaga and delicious panisses. With the added bonus of magnificent sunsets igniting the Saint Victor Abbey, the Palais du Pharo and the Old Port. What else?

> Every day from 6 to 10 p.m. / 3 Rue d’Endoume 13007 Marseille


A festive place that is committed to the environment, the Chapiteau is a proud example in the Belle de Mai district. On the colourful installations of its summer garden made with salvaged material, we enjoy organic tapas and pizzas along with the rich musical program.

> From Wednesday to Sunday, 18:00 to midnight  / 38 Traverse. Notre Dame du Bon Secours 13003 Marseille (entrance fee according to program)


In just two seasons, the Baou has established itself as the number one dance floor under the stars of Marseille. A breathtaking panorama of the Port, a music program that focuses on discovery, regular performances from the excellent local collective Maraboutage, endless bars, chill spots and contagious energy. The recipe for a successful evening!

> Thursday to Saturday from 19:00 / 1 Av. de l’Argilité, 13016 Marseille (entrance fee according to program)


Having children or passing parents is no longer a punishment. Climb to the roofs of the Friche and enjoy good sounds and family sunsets. An intergenerational and very mixed Panorama, that’s also Massilia!

> Friday and Saturday from 7 to 11 p.m. / Panorama, 41 Rue Jobin 13003 Marseille / Admission €5


Wedged between the road interchanges, this 1 hectare of former wasteland which allows you to discover urban agriculture in Marseille is worth a detour. You can also come to eat, have a drink, read a book or dance; especially on Friday evenings with the trio of the Extend & Play label. Also, take the opportunity to stock up on good products from the farmers’ market.

>Friday , Saturday and Sunday from 15:00 to 22:45 / 603 Rue Saint-Pierre, 13012 Marseille

THE MOST CLICHE  / Viaghi di Fonfon

The spot where to take your Parisian lover who will find it “cute”. It must be said that with the picturesque port of the Vallon des Auffes, the bridge and its arches and the rocks from which to take a dip before the aperitif, it sets the bar quite high. Forget about the Insta photo, it has already been done a million times! Concentrate on your cocktail, sit on the docks and enjoy being in “the most beautiful city in the world” (in all objectivity of course).

>Every day from 18:00 / 136-142 Rue du Vallon des Auffes 13007 Marseille