Mountain fan? Lucky you, she just put on her white coat and may not leave it any time soon! So let's have our equipment prepared to discover the new gliding machines, invest in an outfit made for the snow and take advices from the best specialists in Marseilles. See you on the slopes!


Advices from experts

This store of the boardculture welcomes you on two floors to offer surf boards, skate trucks, high-end urbanwear for demanding riders. Hang loose!


They don’t know the cold

In the cool of the Voûtes de la Major, Le Lama Blanc shop feeds itself on Patagonia outdoor clothing brand’s green grass. Fellow runners, climbers, trekkers, kit yourself out !


Too shuss, no matter the slope

By offering a range of the best equipment to tease the tops of the waves or the montain peaks, this shop has become a key spot for beginners or advanced riders.


Snowboard’s temple

Is not grown in this shop seed for artificial paradise but a passion for fun sports (surf, snow skate). It will drive you to the same destinations.


The oldest mountain man

In the temple of running equipment, climbing and hiking, mountain professionals who have nothing to hide provide you with good advice.