What? : Opening event for MP2018 with fireworks and a light show
Where? : Vieux-Port de Marseille Franc e
When? : Wednesday 14 February at 19:00 (come 30 to 45 minutes before)
How Much? : Free entry
A link? : Click-here

A cuddle, a snog, a peck, a smooch or a kiss? Call it what you want but come and demonstrate it in the Vieux Port to launch a new year of culture on the theme of love.

Prolonge this loving experience by visiting the MuCEM at the end of the Vieux Port where there is an exceptional evening event based on the theme of love.

Travel arrangements around the Vieux Port will be changed for this event with some roads around the port being shut to traffic as well as the Vieux-Port, Jules Guesde and Colbert metro stations being shut so use the tram, bikes or your feet for the last part of your journey.

For more information about the event visit www.mp2018.com