What? : Exhibition
When? : Oct 26 > January 23rd 2017
How Much? : 9.5 €
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Of the cherry in the delicious nectar, this is the fabulous fate of a seed which was transformed in green gold. But what do we really know about habits, traditions and inspirations got by the second drink the most consumed to the world?

One of the most famous drinks in the world is also one of the most misunderstood. Its mode of consumption and its taste have quickly taken over all other considerations: medical, religious or social. Through more than three hundred works of art (photographs, objects, prints, drawings, rare books, correspondence, audiovisual archives and unpublished texts) this exhibition aims to trace precisely the history of coffee in all its complexity. From the berry to the cup; the history, geography, economy, environment, consumer, advertising and aesthetics of coffee are all analysed. It gives the audience/consumers all the background and aromatic richness of what has become the most shared ritual.