What? : Traditional meals delivery
Where? : 56 Rue Mazenod 13002 Marseille
When? : Order before 3.00 pm for a same-day delivery (evening) / 24 hours before on weekends
How Much? : 42 € to take-away / 46 € for homedelivery (p/pers.)
More informations? : 04 91 91 17 04 / 06 20 42 16 81
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An emblematic recipe of the gastronomy of Marseille, finally Bouillabaisse comes to your home without losing its flavours. Thank you Chef Carmignani for delivering good quality, traditional Mediterranean cuisine to our homes!

This traditional meal of Southern France originally consisted of a basic stew made by modest fishermen with all the unsold fish of the day. In the jargon of Provence, the name “Bouillabaisse” is a contraction for “bouille – abaisse”, referring to the the way the recipe is prepared: reach the boiling point (faire “bouillir”) and then immediately lower the temperature (“abaisser”) to continue cooking.

Today, as a real regional specialty, the Bouillabaisse has become one of the most famous and enjoyed meals of Mediterranean cuisine. However (and even more enjoyable for us!), century after century the recipe has evolved, to become the elaborate fish stew we know today with its quality products and several side dishes (schredded cheese, croutons, and the typical saffron sauce).

That’s precisely what La Fabrique Marseillaise offers you – to taste at home – through an efficient delivery service…

PS : more recipes to come!