What? : New train line Marseille-Londres
When? : 3 (Low season) to 5 (high season) roundtrip/week
How Much? : From 123 € round trip
A link? : Click-here

Getting to London or Marseille without changing trains, is now possible. God bless Eurostar!

If Eurostar has become an habit for Parisians wishing to go to London, it took nearly 20 years for it to continue is way to the Mediterranean. The new line opened on May 1 now goes to Lyon, Avignon and Marseille its terminus. The journey last 6h30 and is of course much longer than by plane, but what comfort to travel from dowtown to another. If the gap between the two cities is noticeable upon arrival at the station because of the scenery and the climate, the first taxi procured the strongest feeling of disorientation. Between Marseille accent and cockney, there really two worlds. Before going chiller beside the Thames, we welcome our English friends that will come in a great number for sure to enjoy our beautiful sun. (EF)