Former champion of France of synchronized swimming, Julia Sardella develops the aquatic fitness through the first school of sirens in France, based in Marseille.

An aquatic dream?
Swim with wild dolphins. Dream realized in Reunion Island

What sensations do you feel in the water?
A sensation of freedom and wellness

Your most beautiful memory of beach time in Marseille?
The Calanques by boat.

Your 3 preferred spots to take a bath in Marseille
The beach of La prophète, le Bain des dames and che calanques (Sormiou, En-Vau)

The beach all rignt but to do what ?

Relax, get fresh ideas in the sun and in the salt water…

On the abandoned beach what do you need the most ?
… Lemony iced tea:)

The ultimate beach in the world?
In the Caribbean of the North, on the islands Turques-et-Caïques: pelican Beach. But there is others;)

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