What? : Paintings - Sculpture
Where? : MuCEM, 1, Esplanade du J4, 13002 Marseille, France
When? : Everyday except on Tuesday. 11.00 to 18.00
How Much? : Full price : 9.50 €. Reduction : 5 €
Transportation? : Subway M1 Vieux-Port M2 Joliette / Tramway T2-3 République-Dames
More informations? : 04 84 35 13 13
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The art of Picasso does not only refer to Guernica or cubism period. With "Picasso, a genius without pedestal", MuCEM offers a journey through his popular inspirations, his traditional roots and his various art forms.


For once it is not the genius artist, friend of the greatest and fiercely independent companions of the great artistic movements of the twentieth century that seeks to discover this new exhibition on Picasso. The purpose is to discover the popular matrix and the traditions that feeded his art and led him throughout his life to learn next to brilliant artisans as Paco Durrio for woodworking, Suzanne and Georges Ramie for ceramics, Francois Hugo for goldsmith, Hidalgo Arnéra for linocuts, Robert Picault for film, Marie Cuttoli for textiles or Lionel Prejger for cut sheet. The exhibition divided into four sections also proposes a dialogue between masterpieces of the artist and  objects of reference from the Mucem collections but also from the loans such as the on of Picasso Museum. Essential works that became iconic through the time and evoke themes familiar to the artist: the universe of dress, music, circus, bullfighting and toys for example. Other more prosaic made with scrap objects questioning the use of the daily routine in his work and in many ways foreshadows what will be named later pop-art.