What? : Electro music - Cabaret Aléatoire (Friche Belle de Mai)
When? : Saturday, 21st May 2016 / 23.45-06.00
How Much? : 12 to 17 €
More informations? : 04 95 04 95 09
A link? : Click-here

Villa Schweppes BPM 2016 invites you to a fizzy and electric party. Black Coffee, DJ Oil and five other electro artists will succeed each one another in order to unchain the Cabaret Aleatoire.

This electronic music tour throughout France aims to enable young artists to perform on stage, doing the warm-up for headliners. In Marseille this is Black Coffee, one of the precursors of the South African house scene returned from a triumphant world tour with what he calls “electro soulful” with DJ Oil and Ma/Ji. that will perform. Pleasures, Barton Bug, Bloum O.k.u.l.t will benefit from the aura of their elders to heat the cabaret for a heavy night.