What? : Ephemeral gallery dedicated to sneakers
Where? : 12 Rue Pastoret 13006 Marseille
When? : Until 15th December
How Much? : Free entrance
A link? : Click-here

Sneakers are timeless but this museum is ephemeral. So it is the perfect occasion to travel in time through original vintage shoes.


This is a first for Marseille: a museum (we’d rather say a gallery) dedicated to the sneakers. A dream comes true for footwear addicts; made possible thanks to the huge collection of two enthusiasts, Cyril and Driss. The exhibition takes place at the Dutsi gallery in three phases for three different eras: the 70s & 80s, the 90s and 2000s. 3 chapters to discover how theses shoes have grown from sports gear to fashion accessories and a sign of recognition. (TC)